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Thanks Bill, you are a real inspiration. Speaking from experience, I can give you tons of examples of how this has effected my clients and me.

 The content and material you provided, in addition to the experience working with the great minds that were in that room, was beautiful.
— David Ternier, Special Request Weddings, Virden, Manitoba, Canada

I had such an amazing time figuring out what I am really capable of doing. You have inspired me to be so much more. Words cannot express how much it really meant to me. I never knew I could have that affect on anyone
— Amanda Jasso, Taylored Weddings, Creative Director

WOW! This was my first (group coaching call) and it was the ability of being able to talk my issue through that allowed me to see its value. The time for me was 6:45am and it was still TERRIFIC. Thank you, Bill! 🙂
— Robet Huggins, Central DJs, Melbourne, Australia

I can’t tell you how invaluable I found the coaching call to be. Thanks to Bill for his patience and for walking me through the process to create an extremely fun activity for my January 28, Bride & Groom.
— Ron Ruth, Ron Ruth Weddings, Kansas City, MO

No lovefest but … you are allowing us to treat this as a profession. You’re kind to share your passion, your approach. You could just keep this knowledge to yourself but, you don’t. You give and you enhance our craft. 

— Chris Hintz, Souix falls SD

Thank you Bill Hermann! My first wedding back after EE was a huge success! I had more people come up and give me compliments than any other event I’ve ever done! Not only that, but the compliments included more WOW than ever! Taking EE was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as an entertainer.
— Kevin Croucher – Lexington, KY